ASU Members at Service Stream Coliban Water are invited to a meeting to discuss the log of claims for the next enterprise agreement.

DATE: Tuesday 26 April
TIME: 7.15am
VENEUE: Smoko Hut at Epsom

At this meeting, we’ll work out what we want to get out of the next agreement, and what we’ll do to get it.

As discussed at the last meeting, one of the things that makes sure you’re properly represented at the bargaining table is having a delegate (or more than one) on the ASU bargaining team. You don’t need to have any industrial law knowledge or have done anything like this before. All you need is to know the work that you and your workmates do and to have their best interests at heart. If you’re thinking of it but don’t want to take it on alone, why not rope someone else in to step into the role alongside you? Two delegates are even better than one.

For further information or to nominate yourself to become a delegate please contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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