VicRoads have provided the ASU with information regarding the Service Recovery Program, including the resumption of drive tests and computer license testing, as well as broader COVID-19 OHS measures for CSCs, and a staged ramp-up of service delivery over the coming months.

We are now in a consultation process, during which you have an opportunity to provide input into how this will be implemented.

We welcome this consultative approach by management and remind members that this has come about because of the hard work and persistence of our ASU delegates and Health & Safety reps across the state.

There is a lot of information to absorb, and please remember these are only proposals at this stage.

Included here are the drive test SOP, computer license test SOP, the CSC Critical Control Guide, ASU consultation information, and endorsed policy from the Chief Health Officer.

Key elements of the Service Recovery Program include:

  • expansion of delivery locations (an increase of up to 6 new temporary licence testing sites) ;
  • engagement of a temporary ‘surge’ workforce (approx. 220 additional staff);
  • redistribution of the current workforce to the delivery of affected services i.e. driver licence testing;
  • extension of service hours (Monday to Saturday and at some sites Sunday operations) and overtime payments;
  • the continued application of safe operating procedures and adequate supply of approved personal protection equipment;
  • delivery of an expanded digital program to support channel shift-reduce face to face channel demand (expected 1m customer interactions supported through channel shift);
  • support for the expansion of 3rd party arrangements i.e. FX back office processing; and
  • the inclusion of a “hyper-care” period from Dec 2020 to March 2021 to ensure recovery of the operations as a whole

But the crucial detail is in the SOPs. Please read through these and let us know about any concerns or questions you might have as soon as possible.

As we are anticipating a high volume of feedback, the best way to do this is to email Matt Price at

Please share this newsletter with your colleagues and to talk to a non-member today about the crucial role of the ASU in VicRoads. It is easy to join online at

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