Insecure work puts people’s lives on hold. It puts tremendous financial and emotional strain on families who struggle to make ends meet and balance work/life commitments. It also makes planning and saving for the future next to impossible for many workers and families.

It also hurts all of us. Workers in insecure work and on low pay can’t support their community and local businesses.  97% of Tasmanian businesses are small, making it vital workers have the income and job security to support them.

Insecure work has also made it harder for communities to fight the pandemic. Workers lacking job security and fair pay will face greater barriers to taking time off work to get tested and isolated or vaccinated if they are under serious financial stress and lack job security. This will be an acute challenge for Tasmania should Covid-19 re-enter the State.

Did you know:

  • Tasmania has the highest level of casual work (26.6% of all employees) of any state and 4.7% higher than the national average.
  • Tasmanian workers earn 13% less than the Australian median weekly wage.
  • Around one in three employed people in Tasmania are on insecure, nonstandard work arrangements, including casual, independent contractor or fixed-term contracts.
  • Over 20,000 workers in Tasmania work more than one job.
  • Women working in Tasmania are more likely to be in part-time work (58.4%) than the national average (46%), a major contributor to a growing gap in earnings between women and men.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Read the full report on insecure work in Tasmania and get involved in the campaign for change.

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