ASU Salvation Army delegates recently set up their own network to tackle obstacles to coordination around big issues affecting ASU members at the Salvo’s. The delegates are unified to achieve:

  • A constant ASU presence and relevance across all of the organisation
  • Facilitate participation in sector-wide and organisation-wide campaigns
  • Provide the opportunity for the ASU delegates and members to network and share information about local and broader industrial issues
  • Present a united front to management when dealing with issues impacting ASU members across the organisation. This is particularly relevant to  recent communication from the Army about major change and a financial review
  • Develop delegate and member participation and engagement
  • And future proof delegate structures

Being a member of the ASU means being part of a practical organisation that develops innovative responses to the needs of members at each workplace.

The delegates network at the Salvo’s will bring ASU members across the organisation together in a more united and coordinated way.

This will help members use our collective strength as workers to protect the interests of union members at the Salvo’s deliver better outcomes.

If you think the idea of a delegate network across your organisation is worth exploring, have a conversation with ASU members and delegates at your workplace. Then contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 or for further support or information.

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