Anytime you are called into a meeting, you have the right to have a union representative or, support person present. This is especially important when a disciplinary matter is being discussed or investigated.

You should never feel like you need to answer questions that make you feel uncomfortable. You can always stop a meeting and/or request that your delegate or support person join you before continuing. A union representative (unlike a support person) also has the right to advocate for you in meetings.

Talk to your workplace delegates;
Isolde – Bourke Street
Joanne – Community Support Service
Martin – Eastcare
David and Paul – Flagstaff Crisis Accommodation
Natascha – Open Door
Simon and Marisol – Social Housing and Support
Monica, Richard, and Dominic – Crossroads/St. Kilda Crisis
Dale – Youth & Family Services

Be a good colleague and remind your co-workers of this right. Encourage your co-workers to join the union as representation can usually only be provided to people who become members before a workplace issue arises.

Do you like the idea of supporting your co-workers to exercise their workplace rights? You might want to become an ASU Delegate. Delegates play a vital role in workplaces and the union movement. Consider nominating yourself, or another co-worker, to be your workplace delegate by completing the delegate nomination form here.

Invite your colleagues to join the ASU to make your workplace a better place to work. It’s easy to join the ASU online via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Corina Parkwell | 0409 258 943 |

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