The ASU has been made aware that The Salvation Army is applying for the federal government’s JobKeeper scheme.

The Salvation Army is seeking eligibility to the scheme on the basis that it will suffer a 15% loss in revenue. A 15% loss in revenue qualifies a not-for-profit for the JobKeeper scheme.

After discussions with the Salvation Army, we can confirm that if JobKeeper is approved, anyone earning less than $1,500 per fortnight would receive $1,500 per fortnight.  Any staff who earn more than $1,500 each fortnight would continue to receive their usual salary.

Importantly, by completing the form you are not at risk of compromising your ongoing employment or doing anything inappropriate.

The ASU has also had confirmation from The Salvation Army that there is no employment freeze on frontline services.

Frontline services are essential services and if there was a time for front line services to be in place for the long term, that time is now.

These are confronting and challenging times, but the ASU is by your side with advice, support, and advocacy in your workplace.

For further information please contact your ASU delegate or
ASU Organiser Chaz Volpe | 0428 734 459 |

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