The Australian Services Union invites all staff at SalvoCare Eastern to an important meeting.

Please join us for a meet and greet to discuss matters relating to your workplace and sector.

DATE: Thursday 18 July
TIME: 11am-12pm
VENUE: Upstairs Training Room, 31-33 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill

Management have approved staff to attend the meeting on paid work time.


  1. Portable Long Service Leave- the ASU led the campaign for PLSL and now want to chat about how we won and how it applies to you!
  2. Having a voice in your workplace – Being a union member is one important way that you can have a say about decision making in your workplace. Find out more about the Australian Services Union, what we offer and how we can improve support you in your workplace
  3. Electing delegates- There are currently no delegates for the Box Hill site and it would be great to elect at least 2 delegates for your work site.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell | 0419 506 310 |

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