The first stage of the Salvation Army restructure as part of the Australia One strategic implementation is now complete. As this process has progressed the ASU has been active and diligent in calling the Salvation Army into account with issues raised by members. We are writing to members again to let you know that the union office needs to hear any further concerns ASAP before the changes become more of a new way of operating.

The ASU met with TSA management last month and put to them a series of concerns that members have raised, in particular regarding job security, supervision and reporting lines as well as the general lack of consultation regarding these changes. TSA management committed at that meeting to addressing the concerns via a FAQ being distributed as well as the new State Managers visiting sites and speaking with teams.

There was also mention that administration/clerical roles were being mapped with regards to what, if any, financial component of roles. The ASU understands that members in this area have completed a mapping exercise on their duties, we recommend you keep a copy of the information you provided and ensure that any records of this are accurate for the entire job you perform.

Since the FAQ was distributed from Jenny Begent last week feedback from members is that it has somewhat alleviated concerns however there are still questions being raised regarding the consultation process.

A reminder, under the Award your employer has a responsibility to properly inform you if your employment is to change, be put at risk, or to cease. You have a right to be properly consulted, be given the opportunity to provide relevant feedback and to be represented by your Union at any stage of these changes. Should there be a relocation to another building, consultation should also occur, at the very least with your elected HSR’s and Delegates.

If you feel that the restructure is directly affecting you and you are still not being properly consulted or having your concerns considered the ASU needs to hear from you ASAP.

The ASU is committed and determined that your industrial rights are upheld and you are provided with every opportunity to make an informed decision about your future employment. To do this, we need details and need you to be prepared to put your name to the issue so we can raise it, then move forward to resolve it with TSA management. If necessary this could involve lodging a formal dispute. Please email ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy ASAP with details of your concerns.

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