The ASU has been made aware that the first stage of the Salvation Army restructure at the Senior Management level as part of the Australia One strategic implementation is now complete.

This is occurring whilst ramifications of the Salvation Army withdrawing out of home care (OoHC) and related support service provision are yet to be fully realised. In terms of OoHC, the original timelines that Salvation Army involvement would be handed over by June 30 2019 in almost every case this will now occur in and around May 2019.

The ASU has been active and diligent in calling the Salvation Army into account. We are working to ensure that any impacts on our members in terms of their ongoing employment and employment status as a result of these two change processes are properly communicated. With support of Delegates, the ASU office has established an open line of communication with Salvation Army management to discuss changes. Another meeting is scheduled for late January/early February to raise issues and concerns on behalf of the membership and to be updated to the latest or any new developments. These have focussed on OoHC to date, but matters related to the broader national changes can be tabled at these meetings also.

Your employer has a responsibility to properly inform you if your employment is to change, be put at risk, or to cease. Members have a right to be properly consulted, to be given the opportunity to provide relevant feedback and to be represented by your Union at any stage of these changes. This is in line with either the Enterprise Agreement or Award you are employed under.

The ASU encourage you to make contact with the union office (details below) if you need support, direction or information during this challenging time as the Salvation Army redefines its future in the Community Services arena. We also encourage you to please make direct contact if any changes come to light that you believe may effect or impact your or the working lives of other members.

The ASU is committed and determined that your industrial rights are to be respected and that you are provided with every opportunity to make an informed decision about your employment future.

For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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