ASU officials have been working closely with ASU delegates and members since early 2018 to achieve major change within safe steps. With so many issues addressed and other changes underway it’s timely to take stock of what we asked for and what has been achieved!


  1. A DHHS funded review into industrial and practice performance issues at safe steps
  • Development of formal training schedules and allocation of resources to funding, calendar is underway and ASU continuing discussions with safe steps around this issue.
  • Establishment of OHS Committee, Designated Work Groups and OHS Staff Representatives.
  • CRAF training for all direct service staff.
  • A commitment from new management for ASU meetings to be held at safe steps premises in appropriate, confidential meeting spaces as required.
  • The establishment of an interim complaints process and management working on a long term formal complaints process to ensure complaints are dealt with appropriately and taken seriously.
  1. Management involved in bullying, poor practices and negligence of industrial obligations removed from the organization.
  2. Radical improvement in direct service staffing levels, including emergency engagement of temporary agency staff until ongoing positions can be filled.
  3. Regular access to EAP services to support current staff.
  4. Regular meetings with ASU officials and delegates and genuine consultation whilst safe steps is undergoing major change. Toyah, Jenni, Tash and Kristy Lee have now met twice with interim safe steps management.


  1. Outstanding performance reviews to be completed underway:
  • All but one member reports that required performance review completed and progression in pay points processed.
  1. Regular access to supervision to support current staff – discussions underway regarding line management, clinical, group peer and other forms of supervision.
  2. ASU working with safe steps management towards achieving a commitment from them to provide a chill out space for staff to debrief and take break time out from workspaces.
  3. Communication and recommendations to safe steps management around establishing work practices and accountability processes, to be in place when ongoing management team commence. To ensure safety nets and processes are in place for members to provide feedback, raise concerns and assure that safe steps maintains a high level of both working conditions and service delivery.
  4. As agreed with members, the ASU have made an application under Freedom of Information Act for a copy of the DHHS report and its recommendations. Our application is pending processing and once we have further updates we will be in communication with members.

If there is anything you have queries about in relation to the above list, please don’t hesitate to let Jenni or the ASU office know.

The ASU would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of ASU delegates at safe steps over the past 12 months. Toyah Hoetzal has recently stepped down as delegate at safe steps and Jenni Henderson remains the nominated safe steps delegate. The role of delegate is super rewarding and affords ASU union delegate training, providing skill development in areas that often translates into applicable skills in your professional role with clients and other services. To learn more about becoming an ASU delegate at safe steps or how you might become more involved in your union please contact Jenni or Kristy Lee.

ASU Organiser Kristy Lee Tyrrell is on leave until Monday 17 December. In her absence please contact
ASU Member Contact Centre for any new matters arising 1300 855 570 |
ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark for any ongoing matters 0418 424 052 |

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