ASU members provide services that our community needs every day and are on the frontline of our country’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Both good and bad stories are emerging from social and community services regarding how employers are dealing with the pandemic.

Some of the positives we have seen, and pushed for, include:

  • Definitive measures to maintain social distancing in face to face service delivery settings.
  • Prompt responses to moving all possible work to remote.
  • Providing flexible work arrangements that allow workers to meet both caring responsibilities and workplace obligations.

Right now, our union’s highest priorities are your safety at work and maintaining jobs in the social and community services sector.

ASU delegates and elected Health and Safety Reps (HSRs) have been critical in effective workplace level advocacy. ASU reps have been involved from feeding key info into the union office to tackling management responses and representing members’ concerns. Now more than ever they play a critical role.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working across the entire sector to secure members jobs and make sure members’ safety at work is a priority.

Critically, we have been using our collective strength and respected voice to advocate for members.

We have been working with state and federal governments and their departments to make sure the importance of the sector to the health of our whole community is fully understood and that the very real work health and safety issued in the work you do are appreciated.

We are confident that government is increasingly understanding the vital work that every ASU member does in the community.

This is encouraging, but we won’t stop advocating for the sector or for our members.

With such a diverse sector with hundreds of employers, there will be individual issues that will come up at work.

If you need urgent industrial advice your first point of call should be the ASU member contact Center at

And if you are looking for general information about COVID-19 and work, go to

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