ANDREWS’ GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCE ROYAL COMMISSION INTO MENTAL HEALTH The Andrews Labor government today announced that should they be re-elected in a few weeks’ time, they will launch a royal commission into the mental health system in Victoria. The ASU welcomes this announcement and believe ASU members should take a large degree of credit for this development following the Fund the Gap campaign that we have waged over the past year or so. In a sign that Premier Andrews is serious about fixing the mental health crisis in Victoria he announced today that a re-elected Andrews Labour government will adopt every recommendation from the royal commission. The terms of reference for the royal commission will be released within 100 days of a re-elected Andrews Labour government. This announcement comes not long after ASU members were successful in getting the Andrews Labor government to commit $70 million in psychosocial funding over two years. Your campaigning is working. Congratulations. IT’S A GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT BUT THERE’S WORK TO DO IN THE MEANTIME A royal commission with proper terms of reference will see major positive structural change to the mental health system in this state. However, it will be some time before a royal commission hands down any findings. In the meantime, the ASU call on the Andrews Labor government and the opposition leader to provide interim funding to ensure a viable psychosocial mental health sector until such time as the findings of the royal commission are implemented. This will mean reversing the cuts to MHCSS programs that provide vital supports to vulnerable Victorians who are dealing with mental health challenges such as schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and PTSD. IT’S TIME FOR MATTHEW GUY TO STEP UP The Andrews Labour government have shown that they are serious about addressing the mental health crisis is Victoria. The ASU now call on the opposition leader Matthew Guy to fully support the announcement made by the premier today. ASU MEMBERS HAVE A VITAL ROLE ASU members who work in the frontline of the mental health system have a vital role to play in any up-coming royal commission. Within the next two weeks we will call a meeting of the ASU mental health delegates committee to discuss what you think needs to be included in the terms of reference amongst other things. IT’S TIME FOR THE COMMONWEALTH GOVERNMENT TO PLAY THEIR PART TOO The Morrison Government intend to defund mental health programs that, like the state based MHCSS programs, also provide vital supports to vulnerable Victorians. The ASU call on the Morrison government to continue to fund the PHaMS and PIR programs that are due to be wound up mid next year. For further information please contact: ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |
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