As restrictions are progressively eased some off-site workers are transitioning back to the office. 

Returning to the office is a big change and workers have a right to be consulted. They also have a right to be represented by their union.  

Consultation is occurring at most community service organisations, and it’s pretty easy for an employer to do the right thing.   

All they need to do is let employees know what is planned and what changes have been made to the workplace, let workers know how it might affect them and what the employer is doing to minimise negative impacts. And critically, provide a chance for workers to give real feedback that is seriously considered in the organisation’s return to the office plan. 

But not all employers recognise the right of workers to be consulted about such a big change. 

The Australian Services Union won’t just sit back and accept employers ignoring the rights of workers. 

The ASU is by your side if your employer expects workers to return to office-based work without any consultation about how that will occur. 

So If you need advice or support in getting consultation about such a big change to your work, contact the ASU organiser or our Member Contact Centre on 

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