The ASU has been made aware that there is a proposed restructure underway at Moorabool Shire Council. predominantly affecting the community planning & economic development and community strengthening programs.

You are entitled to take a representative with you to any meetings about the introduction of this change. Members are encouraged not to attend meetings without a delegate or support person. The proposed changes could have a major impact on your working life as you know it,This is why the ASU encourages you to not sign or agree to anything that you don’t accept or clearly understand.

If you require any assistance with the restructuring process, please feel free to contact your delegates Nicole Knight, Mark Lovell, Jerimiah Sloane, Nicholas Sluggett or your ASU organiser Matt Steen on 0476 550 233 or

If you want to stand collectively in pursuit of a better workplace at Moorabool, join the ASU today at:

Always remember the ASU Member Contact Centre is available to assist you.  Just email or call 1300 855 570.

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