Australia Needs a Pay Rise Rally


Whilst more than 50 Council Officers (mostly CEO’s & Directors) earn as much as or more than the Premier, pay increases for local government workers are at an all-time low, with most hovering around or below CPI.

This issue is not confined to Local Government with wage growth stagnating across the country in the last few years. Even the Governor of the Reserve Bank said recently that a return to a world where wage increases start "with a 3 rather than a 2 is both possible and desirable".

The ASU together with other unions are campaigning to change the rules so that working people have more secure jobs and better pay.

We need a pay rise and secure work. We need to change the rules to give all working people the basic rights they need to improve their living standards.

Be part of the movement for change and join us and other unions:

23 October from 10:30-12:30
Victorian Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton

The Change the Rules campaign is a once in a generation fight that we must win to ensure that we secure our working conditions and protect them for our children and future generations.

Change the Rules Tasmania


Our ACTU Branch Secretary Sally Mc Manus was in Hobart to connect with the union members engaged in the National “Change the Rules” campaign. There was a good amount of people who attended even though it was freezing and rainy, they arrived in the new home of Tasmanian Unions, 212 Liverpool Street.

It was the Wednesday just before the formal “2nd Liberal Spill for 2018”, so there was lots of chatter about who would be our next PM – that evening we had no idea it would be Mr Scott Morrison!

Has your workplace held a workplace meeting to support the campaign to Change the Rules? This can be run by union members and simply ask co-workers to join your union, talk briefly about the campaign, encourage them to speak to family and friends, then take a group photo of your workplace meeting, please contact ASU Growth & Campaigns Organiser Seranna Shutt on 0459 228 612 for advice or posters for your photos.

We are super keen to have lots of photos of workplace meetings in Tasmania and supporting the solution to “Change the Rules” that means: More secure jobs, So working people can WIN fair Pay rises, So workers have RIGHTS that can be ENFORCED, So working people are put FIRST, not big business.

The ASU follows Sally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in just the past month she has met with grassroots members all around the country in various states attending picket lines (5) with the 1600 Alcoa Pinjarra striking workers, been doing lots of media, conducting savvy social media polls & political updates, impressively when there was the “Change the Rules Campaign launch” in NSW Banks & Reid there were 50 different cultures in attendance- that is some impressive community organising!

Sally thinks outside the square and has even been going out to community sporting games and talking about “Change the rules” This month she attended the St George and Bulldogs game- if you’re keen to get the word out with us, we are open to looking at educating the community and sporting games is a place with lots of crowds.

More info at:

Water Update


Lend Lease Coliban

Bargaining continues in a number of Enterprise Agreements, with mixed progress. Members at Lend Lease Coliban are into their fourth week of industrial action, in their attempts to get a decent pay offer out of Management. This comes after more than 12 months of negotiations failed to result in a decent wages offer for these workers.

Management has steadfastly refused to make a wages offer that is commensurate to the rest of the water industry, and workers have had enough of seeing their wages fall further and further behind.

Our stop work at the Coliban Water Treatment Plant was huge success, and received widespread media coverage. To view the Win News coverage click here

ASU and Management will meet on Tuesday 28th August to try to progress this matter.

Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water

Bargaining has stalled at Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water, with Management refusing to increase their wages offer to something commensurate with other water authorities. ASU have sought Government intervention, and will update members of any progress.

North East Water

Meanwhile at North East Water, ASU are pleased to report that bargaining is progressing well, and we are hopeful that we will have an offer that we can recommend to members next week.

Management have already agreed to a number of our claims, and we are not far away from finalising a number of others. We hope to have an offer we can recommend in the coming days.


Last week ASU Secretary Lisa Darmanin wrote to Water Minister Lisa Neville to seek a meeting regarding insourcing. Over many years, large sections of the water industry have been outsourced from public sector entities to private operators, and workers have paid a big price for this. This followed statements from Premier Andrews about the failure of energy privatisation, a sentiment the ASU heartily agrees with.

We can report that the Minister’s Office have agreed to meet with us next Thursday August 30th, and we will update members of the outcome.

Energy Update


Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement  are currently underway at Jemena, with Jemena indicating a preference to roll over the current agreement. Meanwhile negotiations for an agreement covering Testers at Zinfra are ongoing and preliminary discussions have been held about negotiating a new staff agreement.  The process of negotiating a new staff agreement has been somewhat complicated by the recent restructure of Jemena and Zinfra that sees, the Jemena  staff at Broadmeadows and Tullamarine transferring to Zinfra. Ongoing consultation is taking place around the restructure.

A number of new delegates have put their names forward at Origin and Jemena as the ASU strives to improve its delegate structures.