Member Services

The ASU has formed a partnership with Union Shopper expanding on the benefits you can access as a union member. You and your family can enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of quality gift, lifestyle, leisure and financial services all year round.

How do I access savings through Union Shopper?

Union Shopper offers our members the best possible savings through its collective buying power. You start by sourcing the best price you can get on the product of your choice - ranging from electrical and whitegoods through to accomodation, trades and services and then simply contact Union Shopper, they will then chase you up a better offer where possible.

More great deals for members...

Australian Unions Member Benefits

Australian Unions Member Benefits are provided to every ASU member through the ACTU. As an ASU member, you can take advantage of the collective buying power of more than 1.8 million members to get big discounts from a great range of companies.
Save money with member benefits on:

•    Low cost banking and loans
•    Financial advice
•    Quality insurance
•    Great savings on gift cards, movies, tyres, wine and more.

Register now at the secure Member Benefits website to access exclusive offers.

Fairer banking with ME

ME is a bank but one with a difference. We were born at a time when industry super funds wanted to create a bank that offered low cost loans that would enable all Australians to realise the dream of purchasing a home. Today we’re a fully-fledged bank but that same people shaped philosophy remains. To us it’s very simple. The banking world is cumbersome and complex, more obsessed with themselves than their customers. At ME we are working hard to move on, to reinvent and to really do the things that will liberate Australians to help them get ahead. We want to make things easier, put their dreams within reach, and enable them to live the lives that they really want. Click here to visit the ME website.

Free Legal Service

Enjoy a free will-making service or free first interview on any legal matter. Members in metropolitan Melbourne should phone Maurice Blackburn on 03 9605 2700 Toll free: 1800 810 812 or visit

Regional ASU members should phone the ASU on 1300 855 570 for the nearest legal provider.


Taxation Returns

Metropolitan members can have their tax returns completed electronically at a discounted rate through Eddy Partners P/L. They can be contacted on 03 9602 5177.


Most ASU members are entitled to paid training leave. The union provides a broad range of training for members including delegate training, OHS, EEO and Workplace Harassment. We also provide on-site workplace training on a fee for service basis. Contact the Training Unit on 03 9342 3441.

Women and Youth

For information about youth or women's issues, family friendly policies, ASU Women's Committee or Women's Conference our Women's Officer can be contacted via

Workers Compensation

The ASU remains committed to actively encourage employers to provide and maintain a safe working environment for members. If members are injured at work, we provide advice and assistance though our industrial staff. The ASU also provides expert assistance statewide through Union Assist. For more information call 1300 855 570.

Workers Occupational Health Centre

Look after your occupational health and enjoy bulk billing with Workers Occupational Health Centre. Located at Trades Hall, Workers Occupational Health Centre is renowned for its treatment and management of work related injuries and stress illnesses. Call on 03 9662 4820.