How do I log in to the Member's Area?

Members are emailed their passwords on joining. Due to the secure nature of the way we handle any identifying information on our website we can't tell you what your current password is - but we can re-set it for you, should you need a new one. To have your password re-set send a message to our Communications Officer Kim Edgar with your membership number and your preferred new password (over 6 characters) and we'll confirm when it's been changed, so that you'll have full access to all the resources we keep restricted just for our membership.

Why join a union?

The bottom line is it makes sense to have someone on your side. Unions provide support and representation when you need it the most and statistics clearly show that members get better pay and conditions. Your boss has access to industrial and legal support, why shouldn't you? A union is only as strong as its members, so when you join you strengthen the collective that delivers protections and improvements to your working life. Being affiliated with a union also gives you an opportunity to access a large number of resources, from a free legal will to movie ticket and shopping discounts. And when union rates are tax deductible - why wouldn't you join?

What types of action does a union take?

A union is there to protect your conditions throughout your working life. Apart from bargaining for better pay outcomes or retaining important rights in your working agreements, the union is also of great importance if a problem arises at your workplace. Through Fair Work Australia, the union can apply for protected industrial action to assure issues at work are heard loud and clear. A union can also act on behalf of a member during tribunal hearings, offer legal and industrial expertise if a problem arises at work or specialist advice for a large range of issues in the workplace.

Who does ASU Vic Tas cover?

The Australian Services Union, Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities & Services Branch has committed members who hail from a number of diverse industries such as local government, social and community services, water, energy, transport, shipping, travel, info tech, clerical and administrative and airlines.  The merger with the Tasmanian branch means that the ASU Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities & Services Branch is now stronger than ever.

What is a delegate? How do I become a delegate?

Delegates are the representatives of the union in their workplace. They undertake many tasks in the workplace, such as recruitment of non-members, advising and representing members, communication and being part of agreement negotiations. A delegate can often be the first stop for members who have a problem, and the training the ASU provides equips delegates with the skills they need to handle certain problems that may arise in the workplace.

Delegates are elected to these positions by other members at their workplace. For more information on this process drop a line to the Member Contact Centre. Find out who the delegates are at your workplace here.

Do I have access to Awards/Agreements?

The ASU gives all members opportunity to access Awards and Agreements at not only their workplace, but other workplaces around the country. Comparing awards or agreements with other like workplaces can often be a great starting point for those wishing to have a more active during workplace agreements. Awards can be found at Fair Work Australia. Agreements for workplaces with ASU members can be found after log in at our 'Members Area'. Should you require a password to access this area please email our Comms Officer Kim Edgar with your membership number.

What is the Member Contact Centre?

If an ASU member has an issue, the first port of call should be their delegate and then the Member Contact Centre, which can be reached by phoning 1300 855 570, emailing info@asuvictas.com.au or you can complete an online inquiry. The Member Contact Centre can assist you through a large range of issues, including advice with an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, workers compensation matters and occupational health and safety issues, to name a few. A large number of issues are resolved after the initial phone conversation with a Member Contact Officer.

How do I request a union officer to visit my workplace?

Organisers are often visiting workplaces, it's our primary way of supporting our membership and a great way to raise the union profile, so chances are someone is in your area. If you know you have a union delegate at your workplace you can request they contact the union about arranging a visit, alternatively call the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 and an MCC Officer will allocate an Organiser to contact you.