We offer a range of resources to members from regular publications such as UMagazine and First Priority, information sheets, newsletters and training, plus regular updates via email and sometimes text, all with the aim to keep you up to date on your rights and what's happening in your industry and your workplace. If you're a member log in and have a look at what's available to you. If you need a password email the Communications Officer.

ASU workplace delegates are a vital link between union officials and members within the workplace so there is a special resource area to support them in their log in only area, called the Delegate Zone.

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Get immediate assistance from the Member Contact Centre or send us feedback.

Helping us help you...

The ASU wants to hear from you, and we've made it easy. You can submit feedback on the articles we post, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and you can also send a personal message to our Communications Team. Kim is always looking for a great story for our publications and our online Member Profile area. If you're up to something interesting, let us know! Shy? Nominate a fellow ASU member for attention.

We like to survey. Electronic surveys are fast becoming a favoured means of gathering information, especially prior to negotiations at a workplace. Canvassing member views shapes the content and direction of issues addressed during negotiations. You're likely to have a request from us to complete a survey at some point, we value your feedback and encourage your participation.

E-lobbying is on online lobbying tool that enables our members, and visitors to our site, to email politicians or other power brokers messages that address particular campaigns we are pursuing. We always get great support when we send out a request for this action. It's such a quick and easy way of sending a message out - and it gets results.  

If you're not hearing from us we may not have your current contact details. You can check, or update, your own records when you log in under 'My Information'.