On the evening of Tuesday 5 February, councillors at the City of Glen Eira it was decided to sell-off the three Residential Aged Care facilities. They are the Spurway, Rosstown, Warrawee aged care facilities.

Employees and the union were formally advised of this decision the following morning.

This was a totally unexpected decision that was made under a veil of secrecy – this part of the council meeting was ‘in-camera’ without the public being present.

What is particularly disturbing is that residents, staff and the unions have been advised after the decision was made.

This meant there was no chance to have a say or to influence the decision-makers on council.

Whatever happened to accountability and transparency? Whatever happened to ‘genuine consultation’?

The ASU will be considering its options and will be seeking further meetings with management and employees.

If you wish to discuss this matter please contact ASU Organiser David Nunns on mobile 0418 856 495 or the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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