ASU members working in Youth Residential Care do some of the most difficult work in some of the most difficult conditions, and are some of the lowest-paid. The workplace is unique and often challenging, as are the hours, and workers are often isolated from colleagues and others experiencing similar challenges, purely by the nature of the work.

That’s why Youth Resi Members and interested non-members are invited to attend one of two meetings (whichever works for your schedule) to discuss matters that impact you as well as building the union in your workplace and establishing an ASU Resi Members Network.

Date: Tuesday November 30th

Registration links (pick the one that works for you):


7pm –

If you know a Resi worker who might not be an ASU member yet, why not invite them to this meeting? They can also join the union today by clicking here:

If you have questions or items that you want discussed at this meeting, get in touch with your delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |


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