For months we have been highlighting the important work of our library members during the pandemic, and now the State Government has recognized the important role you play. Libraries will now be able to run more services under the Roadmap to reopening.

We know library managers will want to return quickly, but there is no excuse to rush through risk assessments. Employers have had plenty of time to consult with Health & Safety Representatives and put in place safety plans. If you have concerns about your safety at work, get in touch with your Health & Safety Representative and Industry Organiser, Health & Safety Representatives have power under the OHS Act to resolve these problems.

Changes to Metropolitan Services

Metropolitan library services are now allowed to operate click and collect and home delivery services. The ASU has written to every Council and Library Corporation CEO in Metropolitan Melbourne and advised that stand downs of workers, whether they are permanent or casual, will not be tolerated while services can be delivered.

Where possible, click and collect should be conducted outside to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Changes to Regional Services

Regional Victoria will move to Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopening on Thursday. This means that library services will be able to reopen to the public with restrictions. We are following up with the State Government to give us more information about this, and we will be contacting all regional library members with further updates.

The reason libraries have been so well represented during this pandemic is because we have a strong delegate network, but we still have some libraries without representation. If you don’t have a delegate in your workplace, or you think your current delegate could use some extra support, get in touch with

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