ASU members are likely to feel some trepidation about reopening to the public when the state hits the 70% first dose vaccination target, being this Friday.

If your workplace has not already conducted a risk assessment and reviewed covid safe plans, then now is the time to ensure your employer meets its obligations to consult and provide a safe workplace.

Employers should review and undertake risk assessments in consultation with HSR’s. Union delegates are encouraged to participate and support HSR’s in discussions. (HSR’s can seek assistance on  behalf of any person)

Particular attention should be taken to ensure the risk of occupational violence is mitigated, as policing the vaccination status of people entering the library is a condition of entry now, under CHO directions.

Policing is not usually the function of library staff, and nor should it be, but these are challenging times. Training will be necessary for any front desk roles tasked with checking vaccination status and check-ins.

Where members feel there is a high risk of occupational violence, or hostile patrons initiating confrontation by refusing to disclose their vaccination status or using refusal of entry into libraries as a vehicle to advance other agenda’s. ASU recommends employers engage an authorised officer on-site, or as a minimum, a suitably trained security guard that can be called in to deescalate a situation before it becomes distressing.

If HSR’s request management review or conduct risk assessments, and Management refuse, escalate utilising Issues Resolution Procedures.

A basic checklist has been developed to assist with reviewing COVID safe plans and be viewed here.

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For further information or support, please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |

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