A quick reminder – the ASU is running a short 2-minute survey on the implementation of the Gender Equality Act. If you haven’t completed the survey or passed it on to members in your workplace, please do So ASAP!

We’re doing this because the Act 2020 requires councils to take positive action towards achieving workplace gender equality and to consult with all levels of employees, in line with the collaborative spirit of the legislation.

We want to make sure workers’ voices are heard! And that the Act is being implemented as it was intended.

So we need to hear from you and others across your workplace. Can you pass this on to all workers in your area? It’s a good way of gauging actions by employers and members interested in getting involved.

Please complete the survey and then share it with other workers in your workplace!

Responses will be kept confidential, and only collective and de-identified information will be used.

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