Our workplace survey closes soon – don’t miss your opportunity to share your experiences and views.

ASU members in building surveying services have been talking about the major problems faced across the State, including:

  • Increased workloads and work-related stress
  • Significant increases in responsibilities (ie. pool fencing and combustible cladding), and these risks carry both professional and personal liabilities; and
  • Chronic understaffing and labour shortages.

These issues have combined to create risks to the community and also the well-being of workers, who despite their best efforts are constantly required to do more with less.

The ASU is conducting a workplace survey to gather data which we will use to push for positive changes in councils across Victoria.

Our survey closes soon, so don’t miss out on your chance to have a say:


This survey is not just for ASU members, so please encourage all your colleagues in municipal building surveying services to participate.

You may have noticed that the ASU is also running a Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey for all workers in local government. Municipal Building Surveying Services workers are encouraged to complete both surveys.

ASU members know that we are stronger and better off when we all work together. In order to achieve real changes in this area, municipal building surveying services workers will need to be strong and united. Ask a colleague to join the ASU today.

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