The RAV Enterprise Bargaining negotiations are well under way. In May 2019 ASU Organiser Emma Bagg and RAV ASU delegates met with members to provide feedback about the negotiations and seek direction on priority areas for us to focus on during the negotiations.

The negotiations have progressed well, and we are now looking to gather your feedback about the current status of negotiations and how you would like us to proceed, as bargaining reaches a critical stage. The final SEA will be distributed following the next phase of negotiations and drafting by RAV.

In the course of enterprise bargaining negotiations to date, RAV has responded to each of the ASU members’ claims.

Negotiations have occurred “without prejudice” and “subject to the overall package” by both RAV management and ASU.

RAV has:

  1. agreed to some claims
  2. offered a compromise position on some claims.
  3. not agreed to some claims

You can download a summary, under these headings, as well as RAV’s Log of Claims and their current status here.

Please read through the status of the Log of Claims and then complete the survey here:

This survey will let us know how you feel about the current status of the log of claims, and how you would like us to proceed in bargaining.

The survey will remain open until Friday 18 October, so we can then collate your feedback to inform our bargaining at the next meeting on 22 October.

For further information or to provide feedback on the status of the Log of Claims please contact:
ASU Organiser Madeleine Henderson | 0409 677 506 |



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