The process of getting a new enterprise agreement at Moreland is just kicking off.

It’s starting with detailed work to consolidate the agreement, which will roll into the enterprise bargaining later this year.

Registered unions, including the ASU and ANMF are taking part in this process.

The current enterprise agreement is extremely long, with many parts. The first step in the consolidation process is to work out what is relevant and what isn’t needed within the terms and conditions of employment at Moreland.

The consolidation process intends to streamline and improve information in the document,  is not to change or vary the conditions of employment of ASU Members.

This will give those taking part in this process a greater understanding of the document, how it works, and what we will be working with during the bargaining process.

ASU Organisers and interested delegates from across Council,  and other Registered Unions,  will have the opportunity to be part of this process. It will give everyone a hands-on experience at making a legal workplace document.

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