After a few weeks of back and forth with management, ASU members and Officials have retained your right to redundancy payments at Our Watch!

Even if you haven’t got it in your contract, you’re likely aware that some of your colleagues at Our Watch have received ongoing contracts that state that if their specific funding dries up, they’re not entitled to redundancy payments. When ASU members brought this to the attention of union officials, we immediately took the issue to OW HR, because your right to redundancy payments is protected by the National Employment Standards, which can’t be altered by way of contract.

After we advised them that this issue would be taken straight to the Fair Work Commission if they intended to retain the clause, Our Watch management have today let us know that they will be removing the clause from all current contracts, and that they have no intention to include it in the near!

They did however inform us that they reserve the right to include the clause in future contracts should they decide that down the track…

Our response was that the matter would be addressed in the same manner as discussed this time around, and we are confident that the Fair Work Commission would uphold your rights on this.

This is a great Union win that came about through Union members not simply accepting what was put on the table by management, and involving the branch to get their rights upheld. Great work to all involved.

If you’ve got that dodgy clause in your contract, let us know if you haven’t had a new contract provided within a fortnight of today.

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