The Australian Services Union is an innovative and forward-thinking organisation that takes on the challenges on the horizon on behalf of its members.

We are ahead of the game in how we put members’ interests at the front of government decision making.

In addition to the recent meeting with the new Minister for Local Government attended by ASU delegates, we have recently made a couple of important submissions to the Victorian Government.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for all workers but has had a disproportionally negative impact on women workers. We have seen layoffs in libraries and leisure and other areas and for those workers still with a job you are now working harder than ever, more often than not from home while also trying to juggle caring responsibilities.

Many local government workers are now in insecure work and face an uncertain future as we start to emerge from what we hope is the worst of the pandemic. The ASU recently made a series of proposals to the state government to address the insecure employment that is now a reality for many local government workers.  You can see the proposal here.

We have also made a submission on the new Victorian Waste Act and Waste Authority.  Our submission highlights the importance of reforms that are not about cost-cutting but focus on the workers who deliver and administer these services. You can download a copy of our submission here.

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