Members have told ASU delegates and officials that Moira conditions are pretty good. We agree for the most part. So why change them? Other members’ are concerned about cuts to conditions and the rushed process leading to the vote. Now we’re looking at pay.

  1. Moira advised staff of low pay outcomes at Banyule, Golden Plains, Glenelg and Yarra of 1.25-1.6% or $20-25/week (Memo 30/11/2020). But, they failed to say they’re all 1-year variations. No conditions were cut and full bargaining is to happen in 2021.
  2. Members at Moira copped low increases last EA. Council said they were in a hard place and members wanted to do the right thing by the local community and rate-payers so they agreed.
  3. Some councils acknowledge compromises made by their workforce. Mitchell Shire EA was approved in December 2020. After low increases in the previous EA, base rates at each Band were increased by $750 – $1200, and further increases applied from July 2020. 6-monthly increases between 1.5-1.75% apply to equal annual increases of 2% – 3.25%.
  4. This year Moira had a $12.9million surplus in the budget, up $4.5million from 2018-19. Council have over $30million in the bank, a figure that also went up last financial year. (Source: Moira Shire Annual Report 2019/20)
  5. Some members have asked why Moira isn’t committing that back to the same loyal staff who did the right thing by the community.
  6. Councils are important large employers in regional communities. Pushing wages down in local government is bad economic sense for communities where workers spend their pay and set a poor example for other local employers.

Pay isn’t everything, we’ve heard that from members.

Does it sound fair to you that staff cop another low pay rise?

In this case, the pay offer is another good reason to VOTE NO!

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark | 0418 424 052 |

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