Councils provide services that every community needs. But because of rate capping, councils are pulling their belts so tight that services and council facilities are under threat.

It’s happening everywhere, at big Metropolitan councils, in rural shires, and everywhere in between.

At Moonee Valley, in a blow to young families, creche has been cut after 28 years. And residents will be slugged $28 just to take a bootload of green waste to the tip (it was previously free).

Campaspe Shire has considered a sell-off of community assets – kinders, town halls and even historic buildings like the Rushworth Mechanics Institute are on the chopping block.

ASU members are getting active – getting along to ASU lobbying training and then putting the case to politicians that the rate capping policy must change.

Importantly, their lobbying is working, bringing the real-life impacts on job security and wages to the doors of influential MPs.

Every conversation matters. And the more ASU members can join us in letting MPs know that rate capping needs to change, the better.

If you are interested in getting along t the next ASU Lobbying training, email ASU Acting Assistant Secretary Ty Lockwood on

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