Management has now come back with a response to the ASU’s position that all wages and conditions improvements achieved at City of Melbourne (CoM) should be adopted in the QVM EA.

Management’s position is that the CoM wage increase will be offered but they will not agree to replicate the conditions improvements.

The wage offer is:
2019 – 1.5%
2020 – 1.5%
2021 – 1.5%
2022 – 1.5%
2023 – 2%
2024 – 2%

Conditions – parental leave
The key condition difference between QVM and CoM is parental leave. CoM provides 20 weeks leave for both parents. QVM advise that they will not adopt the CoM increase and want to maintain the current paid parental leave entitlement of 14 weeks for primary carers.

In addition, the changes that were negotiated in 2019 will also be adopted. View the draft agreement from that time here. The changes include improvements to uniform entitlements, removal of the annual review, transitional arrangements for the annual performance incentive program and the introduction of an Unusual Hours loading.

Seeking members views on the offer (responses due by Wednesday)
It is up to members at QVM as to whether we accept this offer or want to negotiate further.

Please let us know whether you vote to accept or reject the offer by emailing ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards at by COB Wednesday 10 November. All responses will be kept confidential.

If further discussion is required, we will organise a member meeting for later in the week.

For further information please contact: your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards |

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