Yesterday, Wednesday 17 April 2019, ASU Officials and Delegates met once again with Qantas management to discuss the EOI process for redundancies which closed last weekend.

The discussion was quite productive and we got firm details from them on a number of issues.

Qantas advised that the maximum number of redundancies on offer will be 60 full time equivalent (FTE) positions. This will be made up of a maximum of 50 FTE CCCs and the remainder from TL and TC positions if there is an appetite from this group. Due to the fact that each part time employee is counted as less than one FTE it is likely that more than 60 employees will be given the opportunity to leave the business.

Qantas have decided that their preference is for staff to leave this financial year and as such will be giving priority to employees who are willing and able to leave this financial year with anyone wanting to leave next financial year being given consideration after all those willing to leave this financial year. If you have said your preference is next financial year and you wish to change that preference with this knowledge you can definitely do so. Qantas have decided that they will not be permitting anyone to leave after 31 July 2019.

Qantas will now being looking to confirm employees’ intentions moving forward. If you have expressed an interest in redundancy you are now required to confirm your preferred exit date and your intention to continue with the process by emailing QF Management by no later than 2 May 2019. If you have submitted an EOI and are now not interested in leaving then you should make this known prior to 2 May 2019.

If you intend to continue with the EOI process you are encouraged to begin liaising with management, advising your preferred exit date and your intention to take a redundancy if one is offered.

Members who may be struggling with this decision are advised to make contact with the employer’s EAP provider and to seek financial advice before making any commitments.

For further information please contact:
ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Kath Ryman | 0429 004 237 |

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