The ASU was contacted by Qantas Management yesterday, Tuesday 26 March 2019, advising that they wanted to release the expression of interests for voluntary redundancy, prior to answering any of the questions that we have raised with them in our consultation meetings and more than a week before our next consultation meeting is scheduled to take place. Qantas have since written to us with some information but the answers provided did not adequately address our initial questions and we have once again asked for detailed information in relation to the model moving forward and appropriately addressing our initial questions.

We reiterated the importance of ensuring the process is conducted fairly and reasonably and that all employees know the reasons for the redundancy, how many redundancies they are willing or able to accept and the impact that these redundancies will have on the remaining employees.

We don’t see any need to rush this process. There are many unanswered questions that need to be resolved before the offer goes out.

For a redundancy payment to receive beneficial tax treatment the company MUST consult with the employees and the union in accordance with the Australian Services Union (Qantas Airways Limited) Agreement 11. Failure to properly consult on the redundancy process may result in any termination payments being taxed at a much higher rate than otherwise would be the case.

Your union will not accept non-answers from employers and we will be sitting at the consultation table next Thursday afternoon, 4 April 2019, waiting for some real answers for our members and we will provide updates as they come to hand.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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