Qantas has announced a major restructure of its airport operations; with wide ranging impacts, including to the Hobart Contact Centre.

So far we know that this affects sales, ticketing and baggage desks at all Australian Airports, and the MOCO function at Sydney Airport.

We know that Qantas intends to make the following changes:

  • abolishing the service desk (including for premium and frequent flyers) and sales desks
  • travellers will do everything by themselves online, even if there are cancellations/delays
  • abolishing lost baggage services – so if a client’s bag is missing there will be no one to help them, they will have to call the Hobart contact centre
  • Combining MOCO rosters between Sydney International and Domestic Terminal.

These changes will have flow-on effects for other airport employees, employers in corporate areas and the Hobart call centre.

What information we have at this stage is available in the downloadable bulletin.

For more information please contact
Aaron De La Torre | | 0427 813 821

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