The ASU today met with Qantas management in relation to consultation on proposed changes to the Qantas Contact Centre and Digital departments.

Qantas announced that they plan to close the Canberra contact centre, which handles enquiries from VIP customers, and move 100% of this work to the Hobart Contact Centre, spreading the duties amongst Consultants, Team Coaches and Team Leaders, depending on the level attributed to each of the tasks previously performed by these employees.

Qantas plans to reduce Team Leader positions to 8, a reduction of 3 Team Leaders, and will reduce the Operations Managers position by 1 to have just 1. These plans come as a result of the Hobart Contact Centre not being in line with alleged industry standard.

We need your urgent feedback on these plans. Please complete our 90 second survey today and tell us your thoughts:

We say these roles are absolutely required and that these are not genuine redundancies and we say that more Consultants are needed when they bring this work to Hobart.

We also believe that we need to look at the work being done by Consultants, Team Coaches and Team Leaders to determine if the work is reasonable for the classification you are paid at.

We have further consultation booked in for Thursday next week and we hope that Qantas come prepared to answer our questions this time.

For more information please contact:
Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |

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