The ASU is conscious that CHSP funded services are ceasing at Knox City Council this week. You might have questions about what to expect, please find a brief Q&A below. The ASU has checked in with Knox who has provided this info.

Will a breakdown of my final payment be provided?
Yes, final calculation sheets and payslips will be sent to the home address of each. The calculation sheet will be final, updated versions of estimates provided earlier this year.

When will the final payment be processed?
Office staff: final payments will be processed this week, in line with the usual pay cycle. The effective date will be 1 July 2021.
Support Workers: will be paid the following fortnight (14 or 15 July) because last pay dates fall outside the current pay run (will work up to 30 June and these hours can’t be captured in this pay).
Payments will qualify and be recognised by the ATO as the financial year 2021-22 earnings for tax purposes.

Has the payment been calculated on average hours?
Payments will be based on the highest number of average hours for each individual of the following:
average hours 12 months prior to the estimate (as checked in March 2021, then again 30 June 2021)
average hours for 12 months prior to COVID (March 2019 – March 2020)
base hours

Who at Knox is best for impacted staff to approach?
The first point of contact is Snr HR Business Partner, Vanessa Pfitzner on 9298 8226 or email  (on leave this week but back next week)

The ASU appreciates this is a tricky time of change and wishes all our members the best during this transition.

Still got a question?
Try the ASU on | 1300 855 570

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