Outsourcing of jobs by government authorities drives down wages, pushes workers unnecessarily into insecure work, and creates a two-tier workforce where some workers are on better employment conditions than others,

It’s more expensive for governments and bad for workers – and the ASU has been pushing pack against outsourcing for years.

Before the last Victorian election, the ASU extracted a commitment from the Andrews Labor Government for an audit of outsourcing in the water industry – and it’s happening now.

The independent review of procurement in Victoria’s water sector in Victoria is being conducted by Julius Row, a former union leader and then a Fair Work Commissioner.

ASU Delegates in the water industry recently contributed to the review – making sure the workplace representatives of workers have input into the review recommendations.

Their presentation to the review was clear – insourced, public-sector organisations are more efficient, better for customers, and mean greater job security better employment conditions for workers.

This review is only happening because the ASU is a modern and forward-thinking union that’s focused on the interest of ASU members.

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