The Covid-19 pandemic is causing big changes at public sector workplaces across Victoria.

And the ASU is by your side with information, advice, and support as you adapt to these changes.

The union will keep engaging with employers and the Victorian government to make sure the interests of ASU members are always part of the discussion.

The Victorian Government has published a  Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) guidance note – Victorian Public Sector to guide public sector employers and employees around responding to the pandemic.

It provides for four weeks’ salary maintenance “where working from home is not reasonable, practicable and appropriate, and alternative duties are not available, (and an) employee (is) directed not to attend or perform work.”

It also provides 20 days’ special leave if an employee is unable to attend work because they need to care for an affected family or household member on the advice of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer due to:

  • a school moving to remote or flexible learning
  • the closure of a school
  • the closing of a childcare centre

These provisions apply to all workers in the state public sector, including CFA, VicRoads, Parks Victoria, and Water Authorities.

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