For the last 3 months ASU members have been meeting publicly to voice their frustration with the lack of engagement and respect from City of Greater Geelong Executives. Last week the decision was made to hold off on further meetings… For now!

ASU Delegates took the meetings public after repeated stonewalling of requests by the ASU for monthly Delegates meetings so they could put issues to CoGG Management timely and effectively.

The ASU has been demanding better consultation and engagement of staff and their Union at CoGG for years, and until recently that had fallen on deaf ears. We are finally seeing improvement coming from Council, and as a show of good faith are holding off on further public meetings to give CEO Martin Cutter and his team a chance to live up to their assurances.

ASU Delegates put those Executives on notice that should these assurances not be met, ASU members across Council will resume and escalate action within the community.

Council have committed to the following to identify and resolve issues at CoGG:

  1. Delegate & Consultative Committee meetings

Both paid ASU Delegates meetings and Staff Relations Consultative Committee meetings will now take place monthly as per our demands.

  1. Culture of bullying

Council will support all staff engaging with the ASU survey on bullying at CoGG. We will then work with Council to develop a new fairer procedure to address bullying complaints.

  1. ‘Workplace Diagnostics’

The ASU identified several sites that were experiencing significant problems, and CoGG have commenced a process in collaboration with the ASU to hear from staff at those sites. ASU Officials continue to play an active role in this processes.

  1. Focus Groups

CoGG will be rolling out focus groups in the coming months across Council to hear from all staff about their experiences, good and bad, in working at Council. The ASU will then work through the results of this process with CoGG Executives to improve Council operations.

  1. Monitoring progress

Meetings are being arranged between CoGG CEO, Executives, and senior leaders, Delegates and Officials at the ASU to ensure these processes are implemented as agreed, and hold CoGG to commitments to transparently share and work through the results.

This will all take time, but we ask all ASU members to seize the opportunity and engage with these processes to have your say about how to improve working life at CoGG. We have their attention, now we need to ensure your message is made clear.

This won’t be fixed overnight but the ASU will keep members updated on progress, and support all members with issues that come up in the mean-time.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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