ASU members and delegates at City of Greater Geelong have continued to take their workplace frustration and anger to the streets.

Members have held three recent public meetings – a lunchtime meeting on 7 May, prior to the council meeting on 28 May, and outside Geelong Town Hall last Tuesday evening.

All meetings attracted a strong crowd of members and supporters.

ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin and Executive President Billy King have met with Council CEO Martin Cutter over areas of concern highlighted by the ASU.

Our largest concerns are the culture of workplace bullying, the insecure work at council, and underutilisation of council plant.

Since the ASU escalated these issues they have received significant media attention. Articles published by the Geelong Advertiser and other media outlets have attracted the attention of local groups, local and state politicians, and concerned residents.

The ASU is now undertaking a council-wide survey to get the views of staff on how the bullying culture pervading Council can be turned around.

And we will keep pushing the executive leadership team at City of Greater Geelong to improve ALL areas of concern that have been raised by ASU members.

The ASU is working to protect, promote and enhance the working conditions and entitlements of our members at the City of Greater Geelong.

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