While Australia deals with the impact of Coronavirus, today it became necessary for us to urgently write to your employer seeking their commitment that they will not seek any changes to your Enterprise Agreement (EBA). View the letter here.

We have been forced to take this extraordinary step to protect your job, your pay and your conditions because the Federal Government has just made it easier for some employers to cut workers’ pay and conditions by fast-tracking changes to EBAs by allowing employers to give just 1 days’ notice of a vote, bypassing proper consultation with you and your union. This will allow some employers to use the pandemic to take away rights and pay. We cannot let your employer be one of them. We will inform you of the response your employer gives to this letter.

If your employer does propose a variation to your EBA that is not clearly endorsed by the union and where you have not been given enough time to be properly consulted, vote NO.

If you hear of a proposal to alter your pay or conditions, call the union office for advice and assistance straight away and remember vote NO to any proposal that has not been endorsed by your union.

On Tuesday night, 21 April 2020, ACTU Secretary Sally McManus will be addressing an online meeting for activists and rank and file union members.  It will be an update on the response to Coronavirus and will focus on the Government’s moves to make changes to EBA regulations.  At the meeting, members and activists will develop a plan to put pressure on local employers and politicians to protect union agreements.  Register at https://bit.ly/2Vd8Oqk

The ASU is By Your Side. Please contact us on 1300 855 570.

In Solidarity

Lisa Darmanin
Branch Secretary

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