The ASU has been in communication with members and management from the centres.

The message that there will be no job losses as communicated to staff has been confirmed by the ASU in discussions with a CEO.

We understand that the 3 Community Health Centres will hold their respective Annual General Meetings on March 31, 2022, to seek approval for the merge from their members.

The ASU has been assured that we will be kept up to date between now and then and that formal consultation will start after the AGMs.

We have already sought assurances that non-funded positions be guaranteed and we will continue to pursue this issue.

The ASU understands that organisation merges and significant change can be a stressful time for workers.

There are important things that you can do right now to work together to make sure that you enter the possible merge in the strongest position.

The messages are tried and true – join your union, stand together and support your ASU workplace representatives. Talk to co-workers about the importance of secure work and making sure your voice is heard in all future discussions – ask them to join the ASU today via

Your ASU Delegates:
Connect Health and Community – Pamela Mutton
Central Bayside CHS – Gulay Cevik
Star Health – Helen Ferguson & Angeline Stephens

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegates listed above or
ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake |

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