District Mechanical Officers are regularly called to firegrounds and major incidents, experiencing exposure to smoke and dangerous chemicals that comes with working in these environments.

The Victorian Government has proposed that presumptive rights to compensation are extended to vehicle and equipment maintenance workers who attend fires because of the additional exposure that comes with their work.

The ASU has been lobbying politicians and asking them to support this potential new law, but it needs to go further.

But because of the nature of the work, other CFA employees are also exposed to the same dangerous environments that are the reason for presumptive rights to compensation. So the ASU has today called for a review of the scheme, to work out if there are staff performing other roles at the CFA whose work exposes them to similar risks.

It’s only fair that eligibility for presumptive rights is determined by actual risk, not job title.

ASU will continue to work to ensure that all members at CFA are protected.

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