The Australian Services Union has criticised the Andrews Government for holding down the wages of workers in the Victorian public sector and local government while MPs get a large pay rise.

Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin was prominent in criticising the Andrews Government’s wages policy that is affecting workers pay rises.

The Victorian Government’s state wages policy and rate capping are holding down the wages of the hardworking people who deliver the services Victorians rely on every day.

The ASU and hundreds of ASU members made submissions to the Independent Remuneration Tribunal. You can read the ASU’s submission here.

The ASU’s has been very clear – if the Andrews Government doesn’t change these wage suppressing policies that are locking in low wage growth across the economy, MP pay rises should be limited to 2% like those received by other public sector workers.

The Victorian Government’s wages policy has been criticised by both the ASU and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia as holding down workers’ wages.

The government’s rate capping policy has also been revealed by the Essential Services Commission as holding down average wage growth across local government to just 2%.

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