This is a busy year in the Power Industry for enterprise bargaining with no less than six agreements up for negotiation over the year.

Energy Australia Geelong has just had their agreement approved. The agreement sees some significant gains for employees including a reduction to the spread of hours and the separation of superannuation from the total remuneration package, which will mean any increases to the superannuation guarantee will now flow on to staff and not be deducted from their overall salary package.

At Origin, ongoing negotiations have been slowed by the issue of Retail X and Origin having attempted to treat these employees as sitting outside the current agreement. This week the ASU and Origin met again to discuss this with a proposal going up to senior management to look at an appendix to cover any specific Retail X conditions while remaining covered under the existing Call Centre EA.

The ASU has met with members at Ausnet and also former Ausnet employees now working for Zinfra to discuss claims for their respective enterprise agreements. We have received good suggestions from both groups of members and these have been incorporated into logs of claims that once endorsed will go forward to management. Preliminary discussions have already taken place with AUSNET to develop a classification structure that will for the first time properly recognise skills and experience and provide transparent benchmarks for people on remuneration agreements.

With more agreements due towards the end of the year it will be a busy one but the ASU is confident that this will be a year where we see real, positive increases to our members’ terms and conditions.

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