The Portable Long Service Leave scheme kicks off today, 1 July 2019, for most community sector workers!

With the recent approval of the Regulations accompanying the Act there are a couple of exceptions:

  • On the plus side, NDIS and early childhood workers are now included, and will be scoped into the scheme as of 1 January 2020
  • On the down side, some other ambiguity regarding scope and the exact definition of “community service work” has arisen

The ASU has been in ongoing discussions with government and allies regarding the questions of scope.

We will keep members abreast of developments and anything you can do to help show that ALL community sector workers are deserving of coverage in the portability scheme.

The Regulations also confirm the relationship between entitlements under the PLSL scheme and other rights to LSL workers may hold, under a fair work instrument (such as the SCHCADS Award or a collective agreement).

The ASU is running information sessions due to start in the next week.  We are keen to talk to our members about what this means for you, what you should expect, and how to make sure you’re getting what you’re entitled to.

If you have already expressed interest in a session you should have been contacted by our office and arrangements be underway. If not, please complete a quick EOI here and we will be in touch

Other information on the scheme is available from the Portable Long Service Leave Authority at:

For more information contact the ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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