ASU members had a massive win in the Community Services sector a few years back, with the introduction of the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme, so that your long service leave entitlements move with you when you change employers. This was only possible because of the work of dedicated ASU members, and is an incredible legacy to leave for future generations.

Thankfully, many employers immediately registered their employees for the scheme back in July 2019 (or October 2020 when the Regulations changed).

Though not everyone is playing by the rules. We still hear regularly from members whose employers tell them they’re not eligible for the scheme, despite seemingly meeting all of the eligibility requirements

Some of the (often incorrect) reasons for excluding workers from the scheme include:

  • ‘You don’t do direct client work!’;
  • ‘We see ourselves as being more aligned to health services than community services’;
  • ‘We provide better long service benefits under our Enterprise Agreement’; or
  • ‘You’re only a casual worker’.

None of the above are reason enough to exclude you from the scheme.

If you’re not registered, or not sure if you are, get in touch with the Portable Long Service Authority

If you believe that your employer isn’t paying into the scheme at all, despite providing community services, you can report them here.

Also see the Authority’s FAQs if you have other queries about coverage, entitlements, changing employers etc.

If the Authority doesn’t clear up your questions, get in touch with your ASU Delegate or Organiser, or ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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