Depot Members Paid Time Meetings:
Please attend at 6:00am or 7:30am Tuesday 20 August

  • EA Update
  • Clarification of Reps for Depot & Election

ASU officials met with depot members last week, and were asked to return to provide an EA update and clarify representation. We look forward to further discussions with members then.

For further information please contact ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark on 0418 424 052.

EA Update – 16 August Meeting
City of Port Phillip bargaining is progressing, with a meeting held 15 August, ASU log of claims items progressed as below:

Claim 4. Parking Permits for early and late shifts: Council has maintained they will not provide permits. A number of safety concerns have been raised during discussions and Council has committed to undertaking risk assessments in these areas – Council has assured the ASU that risk assessments are being worked on, please contact your local ASU delegate, office and/or HSR if you are not aware of this for your work area.

Claim 8 Health & Wellbeing Bonus: Council is investigating a fitness passport and will circulate more information before next meeting.

Claim 20. Strengthening transfer of business: to include transfer to “any new provider”: Agreed.

Claim 26. Equal pay for work of equal value. Further discussion to be held, with some openness to reflect the right to raise reclassification.

Claim 35. Cultural Ceremonial Leave: Council has committed to circulating sample clauses prior to next meeting.

Claim 38. Cash out Annual Leave: Council has committed to circulating sample clauses prior to next meeting.

A portion of the meeting was dedicated to discussing the ANMF log, with a number of claims overlapping or having similar intent, including union delegate access rights and training, superannuation to be paid on paid parental leave and special paid parental leave entitlements. The ASU and ANMF will

Next meeting is 29 August, with CoPP being due to respond to claims for:

  • Syringe/faeces/condom collection and dead animal allowance (65)
  • Various leave claims (Assisted reproductive and surrogacy leave, compassionate (28,29, 30,31, 32)
  • Flexible working arrangements and out of hours child care claims (33, 34)
  • Casual conversion (49)
  • Part time workers claims (54, 55)

A number of Appendix meetings have now been scheduled to occur including Early Childhood and Parking, with Depot claims to be scheduled next.

Please note that future membership meetings will be arranged for members to hear a comprehensive report back on the status of the log of claims. In the meantime your delegates have access to the updated table showing the progress on each claim if you would like more details.

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