Following the recent members meeting, the ASU attended a meeting with management today to discuss members concerns. See Council responses below.

Member concern – Cleaning: Meeting DHHS guidelines regarding regular Cleaning surfaces/toys since families are returning to the centres at full capacity. The ASU requested that cleaners be engaged to fulfil this work.

Response: Council stated that extra cleaning above regular cleaning is only necessary where practicable, and staff are not required to undertake extra cleaning duties if it is not practicable within their ordinary role. Council have applied for funding through the Working for Victoria program to employee hygienists to take on cleaning at the centres and are reviewing their contract cleaners.

Member concern – Inadequate staffing: Centres are often understaffed, and this is causing stress. The ASU raised the use of casuals with Council.

Response: Council advised centres are currently operating within regulatory requirements. All casuals are being re-engaged subject to current restrictions around not working at multiple sites.  However, risk assessments are being undertaken to allow casuals to work across sites where needed and are safe.

Member concern – Program planning: Program planning time is not being allocated in line with provisions of the EA.

Response: Council advised in circumstances where program planning time is reallocated this has been prioritised to ensure that all staff have access to their 2 hours planning time within the same week. A Review of planning time is due, the ASU will be involved in consultation to improve these provisions.

Member concern – Barring Djinang closed: Staff are not able to return to their centre due to insufficient staff availability for opening/closing (2 for each shift).

Response: Council advised they are hopeful to have additional coverage to reopen the centre and will know this week. Whilst Council acknowledges it would be busier at Coventry, they say Coventry Street ratios are in line with licensing requirements.

For further information please contact:
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