The ASU will be meeting with council on 5 October and will then be visiting centres on Friday 6 October to discuss and provide an update to members on the RDO implementation dispute across Childrens Services. 

DATE: Friday 6 October
TIME: 9:30am
VENUE: Clarke Street

DATE: Friday 6 October
TIME: 10.35am
VENUE: Coventry Street

DATE: Friday 6 October
TIME: 12pm
VENUE: Barring Djinang

DATE: Friday 6 October
TIME: 1:15pm
VENUE: North Street

DATE: Friday 6 October
TIME: 2.20pm
VENUE: Buubup Nairm

By encouraging your workmates to join the ASU we will have a stronger voice for workers at CoPP. It is easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at  
For more information please contact:  
ASU organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |
ASU organiser Jacqui Ferreira | 0477 666 518 | 

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